Situated next to our injection moulding and lighting assembly facility our engineering division manufactures handrails, fittings and bespoke components, all in stainless steel.

Our factory in Somerset has the necessary skills, machinery and tooling to give you the quality and price you expect from a leading UK manufacturer.

If you require a bespoke light for your project we have the skills for this including solid modelling, jig and tool design, precision machining and injection moulding; plastic or metal, LED / PCB design and testing.

Footfall Engineering Ltd has ISO 9001:2015 certification for the scope of activities: Manufacturers of handrails, fittings and bespoke components, all in stainless steel


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XYZ Bed milling & drilling

Our UK manufactured machining centres are of the latest design.

  • CNC  programmed
  • ProtoTrak 3 axis control
  •     Accurate and precise     

Tube Cutting and with mitre options

TIG welding to British Standards for the welding and fabrication of stainless steel

  • High accuracy
  • Burr Free

CNC Mandrel Bending

With our new UK manufactured mandrel bender we are able to bend very small radiuses

  • CNC programmed
  • Wrinkle & Corrugation free
  • Exact tolerances achieved

Tig Welding

  • Mitre options to British Standards
  • Quality workmanship
  • Perfect finish

Polishing and surface finishing

  • Numerous surface finishes
  • PPC 'warm to touch'
  • Full warranties
  • Scratch free finish

Packaging and Despatch

Exactly to our customers requirements ensuring our products arrive in perfect condition.

By investing in the right tooling and equipment we ensure the highest quality to deliver at unbeatable prices.