We offer a wide range of integrated LED luminaire solutions for a variety of bespoke handrails.

Our luminaires are tested by the UK’s leading UKAS accredited laboratory. They ensure that our products conform to all relevant British and International standards.

Footfall specialises in the design and manufacture of a range of handrail LED ‘ fit and forget ‘ lights.

  • High-pressure polycarbonate injection moulding, LED / PCB board design
  • Manufactured and assembled in our modern high tech Somerset factory
  • Specialist Polyester Powder Coating, warm-to-touch coatings for comfort and safety, as well as matching architectural facades and landscaping
  • Emergency Lighting DALI dimming. RGB colour is amongst a range of control options available to our clients

Upon the handover our clients receive:

  • detailed manufacturing drawings
  • structural calculations
  • full life and performance warranties
  • 24/7 technical service and support

All UK manufactured for total traceability.

Retro Fit Lights for Box section and Diameter rails – a solution for existing railings

Introducing our NEW lighting range

We are very proud of our ANTI-CLIMB Light! Manufactured from stainless steel for great strength and minimum maintenance – even in the harshest environments.

Other Ranges

The Modula Range of LED modules is available for 48mm stainless steel or powder-coated warm to touch handrails. Asymmetric/symmetric with the option of a 3-hour Emergency Lighting feature.

The Spot Range is a high-intensity circular LED light available for asymmetric/symmetrical light projection. Suitable for a wide variety of installations and solutions.

Our Continulux® modules are fully interconnected. This ensures a continuous line of light from the handrail using our diffused cast lens for maximum symmetrical/asymmetrical effect.

Great British Manufacturing at its BEST!

Lux Awards 2017 logo new


Our perfectly designed continuous handrail lighting solution meets all critical light and test requirements. As a result, we were shortlisted for the LUX AWARD 2017!

Have a look at our Continulux®