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Chobham Rd, Frimley, Camberley

Chobham Road Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge

Chobham Bridge

Chobham Bridge.  We supplied our Spot modules with asymmetric 2700k light flow.

The 2700k light flow is the preferred colour temperature to take into account the ecological requirements of habitats alongside a wildlife corridor, balancing this with reasonable user comfort for cyclists and pedestrians using the walkway at night time. The new pedestrian and cycle footbridge spanning the Basingstoke Canal, Chobham Road Bridge, is now open.

The new bridge, located adjacent to the Chobham Road highway bridge, seamlessly unites the two sides of the canal towpath without the need for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the busy road.

The towpath ramp by Kingswood Court has been upgraded and the new ramp/towpath passes underneath the highway bridge linking the towpaths on either side of the road to create an uninterrupted towpath.

The bridge design follows the characteristics of the surrounding area, featuring gabion walls, a non-slip surface, steel handrails with built-in bat friendly lighting and associated landscaping.

Chobham Road Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge


Design, manufacture and install Spot modules with asymmetric 2700k light flow.


Woking Borough Council

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